Ron Paul Home School Curriculum Under Attack

Jason Charles
April 14, 2013

It seems once again Ron Paul is being attacked by big publications like the Guardian, even in retirement he simply can’t promote liberty without the internationalists taking issue. So what is the tactic they are using this time? Apparently his Homeschool Curriculum is being written by Evangelical Christians… dun da duuuun!

Ron Paul Homeschool Under Attack

Don’t Change the System, Create a Better One

If you haven’t heard he recently just announced from his brand new radio platform the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum. In his genius he is starting a schooling alternative that totally bypasses the establishment indoctrination camps, mislabeled as public education here in America.

It is no secret he opposes public education as being unconstitutional and a dismalĀ  failure. In fact in the 2012 Presidential Debates he put forth a proposal to cut spending by 1 Trillion Dollars, and in that proposal right at the top was ending the Department of Education. Ron Paul is a purest in every since of the word and his congressional record proves it.

This clip from the 2012 debates demonstrates superbly how far our politicians have gone from the values in the constitution and the oath to office they swore to uphold.

Predators, Probing the Ron Paul Revolution for Weakness, and Exploiting it’s Ignorance

The homeschooling curriculum can be lauded as a masterstroke against the New World Order. There can be no question that internationalist bankers have taken over the minds of our children in this country through the co-opting of finance, government, and the public education system. They know that the vast majority of adults and students that make up the Ron Paul Revolution have gone through the public education system. A system that has absolutely rejected and even mocks the principles of the Constitution and the moral instruction found in the Bible.

Now the majority of these young libertarian/constitutionalists that have been inspired by Ron Paul’s message have un-indoctrinated themselves towards liberty, but they sure have retained their hate for anything resembling Biblical values.

Essentially the tactic is this, we have major media going after some of the writers, mainly Gary North, Tom Woods and obviously Ron Paul for their Christian beliefs. For example the article in the GuardianĀ  is insinuitating that they are embedding Christian fundamentalist beliefs into the educational curriculum, in the form of Reconstructionalism

“Paul’s advocacy of home-schooling is not just about getting kids out of what home-schoolers disparagingly call “government schools”. It’s not just about teaching them that government should be small and largely inconsequential. It’s based on the idea that the government is largely illegitimate, and that one must create a society in which the populace will follow “moral” (that is, biblical) laws, rather than the laws created by an overzealous, tyrannical government.”

This approach is clever because it indicates a thorough understanding of the demographic of the Liberty movement and the people who have aligned themselves ideologically with Ron Paul. Most of them are avowed Atheists and hate Biblical Christianity as the internet flavor of the month.

It is true, but what is ironic is the vast majority of young libertarians will tell you how much they hate the fed, and big government, and even the public educational system, but they will defend the social darwinistic ideals that have been spoon fed them from their youths by public schools. Hand to mouth, shoveling information arranged and codified into our public education system by the very elitist internationists they profess to hate.

This is an example of double think at it’s finest. It demonstrates that even though libertarians everywhere have totally grasped and embodied the finest principles enshrined in the Constitution they refuse to talk about, recognize or even admit that these principles exist because of the Bible and the Reformation.

There simply would never have been an enlightment period with out the Reformation, the two go hand in hand. We would of never had a Lexington Green, Concrod Bridge, American Revolution, Bill of Rights, or Constitution. None of it would exist without a profoundly logical expression of our God given natural rights by that founding generation. See for yourself our founding fathers in their own words time and time again reiterated that Biblical Christianity and moral instruction is foundational to our form of government.

Founders quotes on the religion and government compiled by Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

“Religion and virtue are the only foundations, not only of all free government, but of social felicity under all governments and in all the combinations of human society. ~ John Adams”

So what the elite are doing is exploiting this ignorance with in the movement. It is nothing more than a divide and conquer tactic. If they can get libertarians to reject Ron Paul’s curriculum on the grounds it has a religious bent then they win and prevent this remarkable idea from taking root as a very real way to assure that liberty principles are taught inside the family for generations to come.

Remaining Loyal to Liberty

The charges in this article are laughable, and show just how desperate the establishment is at disrupting the growing liberty movement.

Ron Paul will remain committed to keeping his religious beliefs private, as he always has you can be assured. Even in the undertaking of writing a homeschool curriculum, I am positive he will maintain neutrality. How one can expound upon ALL of the the principles of liberty and not touch on the impact the Christian faith has had isn’t really possible, but I am sure it will be addressed in an all inclusive way.

If Ron Paul taught us anything it is this, the Constitution and liberty principles is a very big tent that everybody from every walk of life can seek refuge and knowledge in as truth. We, the ones who hold these truths as self evident need to remain loyal to these principles, especially when confronted with information or beliefs that you may not adhere to or like. After all isn’t that what Liberty protects?

Do not fall for this tactic, regardless of how you feel about the Christian religion recognize that the elite love splitting popular movements along religious and ideological lines. Keeping factions at one anothers throat means they can continue to rule unimpeded towards a global tyranny called the New World Order. Let’s simply not give them that pleasure and abandoned public education in favor of homeschooling this next generation of children under the Ron Paul Homeschool curriculum, and take the minds of our children back.