What would an Article V convention change?

Gary W. Lyons, NC Legislative Liaison for the Convention of States (COS) spoke at the Wake County Tax Payers Assn mtg. in Raleigh on 4/24/14. My question exposes the key logical fallacy to holding an Article V convention. Since Congress, the President and the Supreme Court are all in violation to their oaths to uphold the Constitution now, why should we expect that they would suddenly obey their oath if the Constitution was amended? Gary was honest enough to admit there is nothing that would ensure any new amendments would be obeyed.

Another logical fallacy involves the type of amendments that might be passed at an Article V convention. The state legislatures produce many of the criminals that go on to DC in Congress and the state legislatures refuse to nullify and interpose against federal laws that are not Constitutional per the 10th amendment. Therefore why should we expect the state legislatures to produce amendments that would improve and not undermine the Republic?

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