Ground breaking interview with Prof. Darrell Hamamoto of UC Davis

Prof. Hamamoto discusses the agenda behind mass illegal immigration and  political correctness. He also discusses how large foundations and academia are dominated by globalists intent on destroying US sovereignty.

5 thoughts on “Ground breaking interview with Prof. Darrell Hamamoto of UC Davis

  1. Professor, you give me hope that the next generation will not all become zombies of the state! Keep teaching the truth and speaking out. The day will come when your colleagues will be shamed NOT to do the same. God protect you and may the perfect lawyer come forward to represent you.

    Elisa Orozco
    Yucca Valley, Calif

  2. He’;s putting everythign on the line. I am afraid the powers that be will find a way to make him disappear or have a “heart attack”. Pray for him to succeed

  3. Weaponized political correctness is a great term, for that’s what PC is. It’s designed to divide and conquer us, to put everyone in a socially specified and factious box, which the techno-fascists can then manipulate and control.

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