2 thoughts on “SEAL Vet Ben Smith: Obama Asks Military if They Will Shoot Americans

  1. This is an important post but the headline is wrong. Like most of what Alex Jones yells about you must listen very closely and parse his language.Seal vet Ben Smith did say Special Forces folks were being asked if “they would ‘disarm’ American citizens” not if the would kill or shoot them. Alex added his own message and plastered it on to his guest.

    • You’re technically correct. In the interview Alex asked Ben Smith if he also heard that some were asked if they willing to fire upon US citizens and he affirmed this. Furthermore if anyone in the military attempted to disarm citizens and some citizens refused to comply what do you think would ensue? Anyone in the military who would follow an anti-Constitutional order to disarm US citizens would logically also be willing to shoot those who refused to comply. The article I referenced also included a link to a source from 1994 when Marines were asked if they would be willing to fire upon US citizens. http://www.29palmssurvey.com/survey.html

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