Constitutional Con Job

Jeff Lewis


State legislators from across the country are being duped into attempting to trigger an Article V “Convention for proposing Amendments.” Most recently, legislators were invited to George Washington’s home at Mt. Vernon to discuss, not why amending the Constitution would solve the problems we face, but rather, how they can help amend the United States Constitution.

It would be encouraging that legislators from 32 states were interested in attending a conference to discuss problems related to the governance of our constitutional republic, had they actually discussed strategies about how they can better “support” the Constitution they swore an oath to, but they did not.

Instead of working to rein in a rogue federal government using the constitutional authorities they already possess, these legislators think amending the Constitution they refuse to support will make the public servants in D.C. support it. How nice it would be if they were as interested in the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as they are in Article V.

Lawyers such as Rob Natelson, Michael Farris, Mark Levin, and Nick Dranias are spinning a yarn that we can restore the Constitution by changing it. They claim the main argument against the ruse they are knitting together is that a convention might become a “runaway.” No. That is not the main argument. The main argument is that amending the Constitution won’t make public servants uphold it. Their “solution” doesn’t even solve the problem they identify, let alone the root problem of a failure of the People to elect men and women of character who will actually keep their oath.

They lie when they claim Article V requires a reason or subject matter for such a convention. It does not. It merely requires two thirds of the states to apply for, and Congress to call, a “Convention for proposing Amendments.”

If you can get people to ask the wrong questions, the answers won’t matter. That is what the proponents of an Article V “Convention for proposing Amendments” are hoping you’ll do. Like politicians on the campaign trail, these folks will tell you whatever they think you need to hear to help them trigger an Article V “Convention for proposing Amendments,” and we know how much we can rely on campaign promises. ZERO.

10 Facts to Rebut the Mythology of a Runaway Convention should be called ’10 excuses for not upholding the Constitution as written…”

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2 thoughts on “Constitutional Con Job

  1. Duped? More like the power of the people and state are being duped into NOT executing the Art V. The Art 5 is PURE GENIOUS! The very first sentence of this article is incorrect too. just FYI.. IT IS NOT tyranny of the state… duh… it is tyranny of the federal government. The states and the people are being walked on by the feds. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. This article was completely moronic. I may have lost a few I.Q. points just from reading this tripe.

    • No advocate of an Article V convention wants to discuss the key logical fallacy: Since the Constitution is now largely ignored by the federal government why should we expect it to be obeyed if it is amended? It’s also absurd to claim that the agenda of an Article V convention could be controlled. Nothing in Article V limits the scope of such a convention. Finally it’s also absurd to think that the current oath breakers in Congress and the state legislatures could be trusted to actually improve the existing Constitution. We need to enforce the existing Compact, not amend it.

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