Nancy Pelosi openly endorses Agenda 21

House of Reps on 10/2/92.  Pelosi openly endorsed radically transforming the US economy based on Agenda 21 sustainable development policies.

(The UN Rio Earth Summit took place on June 3-14, 1992.  The REPORT OF THE UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT was dated 8/12/92.)

One thought on “Nancy Pelosi openly endorses Agenda 21

  1. AGW might be deservedly on its knees but it is but a smoke screen.

    The real danger is Agenda 21 which wants to institute all the things that AGW threatened us with and more. The only thing is that its more subtle – it is creeping into our society as we speak.

    In my country it is in our legislation, local government and education.
    Take a look at my blog which shows how our government has very kindly used the devastating earthquakes which hit my city as an excuse to dispossess people of their homes and property in order to build an Agenda21 compliant city where our proud city once stood.

    But its not just my country, its world wide! Try searching your local government’s website for the words “Agenda 21″ and “ICLEI” and tell me I’m not wrong.



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