Do not support “Conservative” Organizations

Devvy Kidd
September 8, 2013

Someone sent me an email the other day:

“Jim DeMint Town Hall Meeting (Very Inspirational): If you were unable to attend the Jim DeMint Town Hall, I have attached the video for your viewing. Let’s ban together and start putting the pressure on our legislators (either inside their offices or outside their offices). We can do this, but we need everyone’s help.”

Jim DeMint [R] was a U.S. senator from the State of South Carolina. In all the years he was in the House and Senate never once did he introduce a bill to kill the cancers destroying this republic. DeMint was a Band Aid pusher[1], [2]As a “conservative” DeMint was popular because of his position on issues like abortion and the Second Amendment. He also voted consistently to kill American jobs:

Voted YES on promoting free trade with Peru. (Dec 2007)
Voted YES on free trade agreement with Oman. (Jun 2006)
Voted YES on implementing CAFTA for Central America free-trade. (Jul 2005)
Voted YES on implementing US-Australia Free Trade Agreement. (Jul 2004)
Voted YES on implementing US-Singapore free trade agreement. (Jul 2003)
Voted YES on implementing free trade agreement with Chile. (Jul 2003)
Voted NO on withdrawing from the WTO. (Jun 2000)

Keep good paying jobs that used to belong to Americans going in communist China, India and other countries while Americans stand in unemployment lines.

DeMint, like the rest of the “conservatives” in Congress, ignored the clauses in Art. 1, Sec. 8 in the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis. In 2010, he voted to “Devolve education to states” without abolishing the Department. The Federal Department of Education now correctly labeled the Dumbing Down America’s Children Institution is 100% unconstitutional.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan promised that, if elected, he would get that unconstitutional department abolished. That promise was abandoned after his election. While campaigning as the power broker elites designated loser for the presidency, Bob Dole said on Sept. 9, 1996, while in Georgia, “We’re going to cut out the Department of Education.” At that time, the GOP presidential platform read, in part:

Our formula is as simple as it is sweeping: The federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula or to control jobs in the workplace. That is why we will abolish the Department of Education, end federal meddling in our schools, and promote family choice at all levels of learning.

We therefore call for prompt repeal of the Goals 2000 program and the School-To-Work Act of 1994, which put new federal controls, as well as unfunded mandates, on the States. We further urge that federal attempts to impose outcome- or performance-based education on local schools be ended.

Of course, just the opposite has taken place and, in fact, the goals for creating the “New Communist Man” was given a huge boost with President Bush’s deceptive “No Child Left Behind” program. As for the repeal of the School-To-Work Act of 1994, Council of Foreign Relations kingpin Henry Hyde explained it this way:

“When carried to its logical extreme, it chooses careers for every American worker. Children’s careers will be chosen for them by Workforce Development Boards and federal agencies at the earliest possible age …Statewide Workforce Development Boards have formed to study which labor skills are needed in each state to determine “human resources” training requirements. Of course, this will decide also where these human resources will reside.”

Chilling to say the least – and it gets worse when one reads Bush’s Executive Order, signed June 20, 2001, titled “21st Century Workforce Initiative.” The blueprint for forced labor is now being implemented quietly while parents and politicians scream, “More money for education.” Essentially they are asking Americans to pay for the rope to hang their own children.

DeMint consistently voted to kill the Bill of Rights:

Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act’s roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)
Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act. (Mar 2006)
Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act’s wiretap provision. (Dec 2005)
Voted NO on restricting business with entities linked to terrorism. (Jul 2005)

He was also another war monger bankrupting we the people to pay for the grotesque, unconstitutional invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan:

Voted YES on emergency $78B for war in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Apr 2003)
Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)
Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)
Voted NO on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)
Voted YES on approving removal of Saddam & valiant service of US troops. (Mar 2004)
Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)

How many times did he vote for foreign aid? The continuing rape of we the people in complete violation of the U.S. Constitution and his oath of office.

DeMint knows nothing about the “income tax”, but he supported another dangerous Band Aid that would accomplish nothing except continue feeding the head of the beast: the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913. In 2003, Mr. Conservative voted to abolish the IRS and replace the income tax with national sales tax.

Back in 2010, 111 Republican incumbents and candidates wanted to abolish the unconstitutional Federal Depart of Propaganda [Education]. Some of those incumbents are no longer there. What about the rest of them? What have they done to abolish that massive failure once they were re-elected? Nothing, but it sounded good to conservative voters. You can see the list on this “progressive” web site which obviously supports anything unconstitutional and destructive to America’s moral compass. Of course, DeMint’s name isn’t on that list to abolish that monstrous waste of money ($66 BILLION BORROWED dollars a year ) because the whole time DeMint served in Congress, he consistently voted to conserve the rot and corruption in Washington, DC, by mouthing the worn out chant, “smaller government”.

Currently, Jim DeMint is president of the Heritage Foundation. If you haven’t read Charlotte Iserbyt’s July 2012 column, Heritage Foundation, NAFTA, School Choice and the Destruction of Traditional Education, I highly recommend you do because it is the truth everyone should know. The Heritage Foundation is also pushing the poison known as “The New Flat Tax[3], [4], [5], which should tell you all you need to know about that organization once you know the truth about the federal income tax and non-ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment.[6]The Heritage Foundation is nothing but another “conservative” group that never touches the solution, just more Band Aids that benefit the banking cartels and destructive “free” trade treaties which have destroyed our most important job sectors.

Now, why would I be inspired by a speech from Jim DeMint?

There is a world of difference between a conservative and a constitutionalist. It’s not about a political party and their platform, it’s about our founding documents that created the greatest form of government (not a democracy) the world has ever known. It’s about an incumbent in the U.S. Congress who, despite shrieking from members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA or even the Republicrats, will stand firm in support of the Constitution. That means you adhere to your oath of office and are a strict constitutionalist. Not like DeMint who picked and chose which clauses in Art.1, Sec. 8, he liked; the rest he simply ignored.

There are more “conservative” organizations out there than you can count, all wanting your money to continue pushing Band Aids – which is why they don’t get my money. Let me give you another example: Dick Armey, former House member (became Majority “Leader”) who joined FreedomWorks. Armey is a big hero with conservatives because he “fought for lower taxes” by pushing for the poison known as a flat tax. He was big on social security reform instead of telling the American people the truth about that Ponzi scheme; no one is forced to apply for a SSN, but you will be taxed separately to keep that system barely floating. Indentured servitude. Additionally, Armey was anti-American jobs – another damn “free” trade advocate – as well fairly open on immigration. Now he makes his bread on the lecture circuit.

FreedomWorks supports “a low, flat, fair tax.” Under spending and budget they support a worthless balanced budget amendment. “FreedomWorks strongly advocates for leaving citizens free to use anything they want as money.” Under Budgets and Spending, “The budgetary process must be reformed to improve transparency and identify wasteful and redundant programs. In addition, institutional changes must be adopted to constrain spending by politicians.” No where did I see a top priority must be abolishing the unconstitutional “Federal” Reserve, which is neither Federal nor does it have any reserves. That is the only way to stop the obscene spending by the Outlaw Congress. Just more of the same: “less taxes, smaller government.”

The only groups and organizations I support are the ones who do understand the cancers, how they got started and real solutions by adhering to the U.S. Constitution. The Democratic Party is nothing more than a subset of the Communist Party USA/International. The Republican Party is only “conservative” on certain issues and not even then as there are “moderate” Republicans who support the killing of unborn babies, “rights” of sexual deviants and more spending. More and more Americans are coming to understand those two parties are nothing but two wings on the same bird of prey.

We are supposed to be a self-governing people. That can’t happen if folks give their blind loyalty to politicians or “conservative” groups that only push tweaks (flat or fair tax) instead of exposing the lies and demanding it stop. Once again, I strongly urge people watch The Purse and the Sword, a 4 DVD set. Eight hours that gives America constitutional solutions instead of more Band Aids. Every state legislator in our state houses and adults in this country need to watch this incredible presentation. If money is a bit tight, share the cost with friends. Have your group purchase a copy, get together and watch it in, say, two hour increments.

If you can, get a second copy to snail mail or deliver in person to the district office of your state rep or senator. Have your group sign a letter to your state legislator with the DVD asking him/her for a commitment to watch the entire presentation because you all will be following up. Follow up is critical. Present a list of questions. That will tell you whether or not your state rep bothered to watch the entire presentation. 2014 is an election year. They’re all quite aware of how angry thinking Americans are all across this country.

“This seminar featuring Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. is the single greatest presentation regarding the Constitutional remedies and powers available to both the people and the national government to deal with our economy and homeland security challenges. Dr. Vieira presents his “visual Constitution” to make plainly clear what should and must be done for our nation to deal with these present and ever-increasing crisis. Be sure to view our online video clips. Visit our Purse & Sword page by clicking here and scroll down to see the latest clips from this one of a kind DVD set.”

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn’t left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party.

Devvy’s regularly posted new columns are on her site at: You can also sign up for her free email alerts.

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