Exposing The Annual Bilderberg Meeting

Jurriaan Maessen


May 27, 2013

As the stuffed dolls of mainstream media will expectedly persist in their silent obedience in all things Bilderberg, the hearts of activists and bloggers alike are again beating the drums of desperation- signaling with bells, horns, trumpets, or whatever instrument is needed to incinerate the dreaded silence that has hung heavy on journalism for many-a-decade. O there’s plenty of chatter swelling up into the airwaves about a range of non-issues and trifles to clot up the ear, usually put out by a particular type of male or female automaton screeching through the TV-screen on a balanced dose of Prozac and amphetamines.

In leading mankind further into a Faraday’s cage of disinformation the establishment media has accomplished a few things. The most important one of which is the discrediting of their own reporting- or non-reporting-, as they continue to collectively gloss over the event, subsequently digging a deep and terrible hole for themselves from which, in the end, there is no climbing out. It’s a case of professional self-mutilation really- a lucid, self- imposed state of comatose slumber that serves to transfix the populace on the disinformation-units coming straight out of the Bilderberg machine. The machine is still spitting out the packages, but now the assembly line is starting to fail at distributing them.

The annual tradition prescribes that the Anglo-American establishment will gather around its favorite deity from June 6 to June 9 in England’s green and pleasant land. Right there, in the seclusion of deep woodland shade, the participants will be busy working out in more detail how to further bankrupt the West in order to “equalize” world power under Agenda 21- and all of these deliberations occur in a most relaxing atmosphere it must seem, as if among friends. Investigators, activists and bloggers are of course now jumping into the gap left vacant by migrating “journalists” over the course of more than half a century. Is say “migrating”, but one cannot really migrate from somwhere one has never been. Regardless, in order to somehow break the spell of silence placed on Prince Bernhard’s baby by successive generations of globalist-controlled media outlets, it seems the “alternative” media are now starting to crack this solid shell of secrecy surrounding Bilderberg. The beginning of a beginning. Unfortunately the Chatham House Rulebook is a nut not easily cracked. It requires on our part creative mad inventiveness and bold adventurism to break these Rules by which Bilderberg participants are required to hold their tongue.

What is Bilderberg? An unelected, mostly unregistred “steering committee” summon a great many folk to them every single year for three days. The summoners consist of top-level bankers and aristocratic misfits. The summoned consist of a vareity of elected officials, swarms of them, drifting in secret to a luxurious location somewhere in the North-West. Imagine this: these officials are all rotating to what Bilderberg itself desribes as a “private meeting”, but they do so in their capacity of influence- and they’re sworn to shut up at that! In addition, the entire mainstream media apparatus vowing a solemn vow of silence. Not only is something rotten in the state of Denmark, something is stinking to high heaven in the state of Denmark. But, as with all things mechanical, an apparatus may be put to a halt by a single bolt.

For any interested and adventurous scoundrel there may still be vacancies at the upcoming Bilderberg conference. So, if you live somewhere- anywhere in the vicinity of the Grove Hotel and you are in need of a quick buck, perhaps you may still attempt to temporarily join the present hotel staff- who will no doubt welcome an extra hand in what is sure to be New World Order busy season at the hotel venue. The Grove website says: “We are committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations and, to do that, we need exceptional people.” Indeed. Exceptional people are in rich supply within the alternative media. If you are of a somewhat believable age and in the possession of some inconspicuous recording equipment, it’s definitely the job for you. Besides, the Grove appears to be a generous employer, promising future staff members “discounted accommodation for yourself, friends and family; sabbaticals and career breaks for long service employees; staff accommodation near The Grove; complimentary staff canteen as well as access to our hotel gym”.

If you are of believable age and in the possession of some inconspicuous recording equipment, it’s definitely the job for you. Although no mention is made on the starting wage for fresh staff members (in any case you’ll be paid in devalued fiat money), take into account that you’ll be recording some interesting stuff for posterity, making you the prime candidate for a star on the alternative media’s walk of fame. What are you waiting for? Perhaps there are still jobs available at the most bizarre of elite gatherings and- again- don’t forget to bring a camera or other recording device (preferably small sized and well-camouflaged) with plenty of back-up equipment as well as a secure line with the outside world in case your cover is blown by Bilderberg security.

If you’re selected on such short notice to assist the staff, you will enter the premises on what David Gergen calls “an understanding”. It will be a great example of a grassroots intelligence operation, for once not in the service of the new world order’s one percent, but as a representative of the uninvited 99 percent kept well outside the deliberations taking place. As a member of the staff you may be assigned to do such things as valet parking, baggage handling, waiting on transnationalists in the main dining area. It allows for a lover of truth to infiltrate the elite confab with a relatively simple audiovisual device. And besides, it’s not without historical precedent. It’s not the first time an employee blew the whistle on the strange dealings of the power elite. Five years after Alex Jones’ successful infiltration of the Bohemian Grove in the year 2000, a former Bohemian Grove employee named “Kyle” shot over five hours of video with a pen camera. He, like Alex Jones, was able to smuggle it out of the encampment for all the world to see. But his infiltration was not easily accomplished. While “Kyle” was working in the area, he was approached many times by older Grove participants who wanted to know if he “slept around”. It has been widely reported that Bohemian Grove members regularly fly in male and female prostitutes to prey upon in between seminars. Let this be a warning to anyone considering a last minute position at the Grove Hotel for infiltration purposes. You may put yourself in a position where you’ll be fighting off elderly globalists begging for certain “favors”.

Anyone not willing to put themselves in harm’s way (to hell with posterity!) will want to consider outsourcing any spying activities to technological gadgets such as drones the size of mosquitoes swarming the Hotel with the specific aim of irritating the hell out of Henry Kissinger. How’s that? One might deploy mechanical pigeons perhaps, to dump excrement on Shell’s entire board of directors. What the hell: we could enlist some grim-looking smurfs to spy out the proceedings at this year’s confab. They could enter the Hotel through the sewer at the risk of exiting the toilet inside at the exact moment David Rockefeller is taking a dump.

But seriously. Either an infiltrator is sent, or the judicial system in all concerned nations begin an investigation into the participation of elected officials in an unaccountable and nontransparent summit. You call it.

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